BAT’s 2015-16 Season

BAT does it again! Here is our FANTASTICAL 36th Season (2015-16)

Laugh ‘til it hurts, cry ‘til you smile, think, dream…
…Theater that amazes! Great prices! Free parking!



A MUSICAL COMEDY with story by Martin Brickman and Rick Elice and music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa

October 2-November 1, 2015

The wonderfully macabre Addams family is put to the test when Wednesday, the ultimate princess of darkness, grows up and falls for a “normal” young man from a respectable family. If that weren’t enough, she tells her father, Gomez, a secret he must hide from his adored wife, Morticia. When the boyfriend and his parents come to dinner, they plunge the Addams family into a night that is sure to change the family forever. TICKETS



A COMEDY written by Doug Armstrong, Keith Cooper and Maureen Morley

November 27-December 20, 2015

An irreverent mash-up of the beloved Charles Dickens’ tales A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist—with an absurd cast of characters including Little Orphan Annie. The result is a humorous parody of Christmas stories about the poor versus the rich that still manages to spread the spirit of the season.


IN THE NEXT ROOM or the vibrator play

A COMEDY written by Sarah Ruhl

February 12-March 6, 2016

A touching and hilarious story about a young doctor and his wife in the Victorian age. Dr. Givings is obsessed with the marvels of technology and what they can do for his patients. He isn’t sure exactly how the vibrators help the women he treats–but they keep coming back. The only woman who isn’t helped is his own wife, who longs to connect with him – but not electrically.



A COMEDY written by Ins Choi

April 8-May 1, 2016

As the neighborhood gentrifies, Mr. Kim, a first–generation Korean immigrant, refuses to sell his beloved convenience store. He tries desperately to convince his uninterested daughter to take over, all while his wife sneaks out to meet their estranged son. In this funny and deeply moving story, a fractured but loving family confronts their future and forgives the past.



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Microsoft and BAT

Microsoft is a BAT supporter through its matching grants. If you are a Microsoft employee and donate to BAT (and don’t you think you should?), Microsoft will match your dollar-signkindness. A win-win!

Also, if you are a Microsoft employee and you volunteer at BAT (and don’t you think you should?), Microsoft will “pay” BAT for your time. Another win-win!

It used to be that Microsoft required a minimum donation to trigger its match. That is no longer true! Every dollar will be matched! Give BAT a dollar, report it to you employer and BAT gets a dollar! Wow, give a little help a lot. Give through the Benevity system today!

You can also give on a very flexible basis, through a payroll deduction or recurring credit/debit card donation through Microsoft’s Benevity system. (BAT offers those non-Microsoft donors a similar flexible donation plan too. DONATE on BAT’s secure donor page.)

If you are a Microsoft employee and volunteer at BAT your time will be matched at $25.00 per hour through the Tech Talent for Good volunteer program. William Shakespeare himself knows that BAT can use more volunteers including those with tech skills!

Let Microsoft help you make better live theater possible. You’ll both be happy you did.

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BAT on the 4th

Once again, BAT will be in the Burien 4th of July Parade. BAT has been in the parade many many times before. It is a time to say, “Hi,” to our BAT fans. BAT also passes out Photo by Michael Brunk / nwlens.comseason flyers and candy. Generally, a good time is had by all.

This will be the 94th Burien 4th of July Parade. B-Town Blog coverage of the 93rd Parade.

Every year BAT has a car in the parade where we keep extra flyers, candy and water for the BAT-team. Once the car was even used as emergency transportation when one of the BAT-team twisted and ankle. She road the rest of the parade route doing the princess wave.

The year BAT’s car will be a blue 2015 Tesla Model S. One more example of BAT going green.

Funny story: The year was 2008. BAT was getting ready to produce “The Rockey Horror Show.” BAT looked to the parade to help get the word out. It was feather boas all-around. BAT’s fearless artistic director donned a boa and high heals and took to the street for the two mile walk with the rest of the BAT-team. Oddly, his picture from the parade took on a life of it’s own. Even now, many years later, it pops up from time to time. My, there it is

Then Governor Gregoire was in the Burien Parade that year. She made a point of coming up to BAT’s artistic director to ask if she could count on his support. There is a punch line in there somewhere.

Come join BAT at this year’s Burien 4th of July Parade and see what wondrous things happen.

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Why “Electric Man”

11149582_10153030652568565_2415864931477341443_nBAT is pleased to be helping Turbo Turkey produce “Electric Man.” BAT and Turbo Turkey have been working together for some time now. It all started with Turbo Turkey performing late-night after some of BAT’s shows. Things have grown from there.

When Adam came to BAT and open discussions about BAT presenting Turbo Turkey’s first full length play (scripted skit), BAT was interested. Turbo Turkey’s request fit with BAT’s mission to assist Puget Sound arts organizations, when possible. (BAT has been helping theaters and movie and video producers for a while now.)

“Elecrtic Man” has been a very collaborative effort. Turbo Turkey did a share of the work, and BAT was there with technical, design other help when needed.

It is a show well worth seeing. There as still 5 performances of “Electric Man” left. June 13, 14, 19 and 20. TICKETS.

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The Addams Family audtion notice

Auditions for musical comedy “The Addams Family”

Burien Actors Theatre (BAT) announces auditions for the musical comedy “The Addams imagesFamily,” with music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa and book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, to be preformed in October.

The show received a Tony nomination for Best Original Score, and calls for 20 actors of any ethnicity to play characters ranging in age from 12 to 102. Characters can be any ethnicity so actors of all ethnicities are invited to audition. Actors don’t need to be the ages listed but must be able to convincingly portray them. While the preference is for actors age 18 and older, roles such as that of Pugsley may be an exception.

SYNOPSIS: Based on the bizarre and beloved characters created by Charles Addams in his single-panel gag cartoons, which depict a ghoulish American family with an affinity for all things macabre. Numerous film and television adaptations of Addams’ cartoons exist, but the musical, which is the first stage show based on the characters, draws from the cartoons rather than the television and film characters. The original story finds the famously creepy and kooky Addams Family put to the test when outsiders come to dinner. Wednesday Addams has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family, a family you would find right at home at PTA meetings and local sports clubs. When she tells her father, Gomez, about her love and impending nuptials, she asks him to keep it from her mother, Morticia. Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday’s “normal” boyfriend and his parents.

Performances are at BAT in Burien from Oct. 2 through Nov. 1, 2015 on the weekends.  Rehearsals begin in mid-August.

The stage director is Mok Moser and the music director is Daryl Spadaccini.

$100 stipend provided.

Auditions are Monday, June 15 and Wednesday, June 17 from 7 to 10 p.m. Callbacks to take place shortly after auditions at time(s) TBD. Continue reading

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Early Addams Family Tickets

Did you know you can get tickets for the musical comedy “Addams Family” right now? imagesTICKETS

Are you looking forward to BAT’s 2015-16 season? BAT is!

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Sofas new for old


BAT’s new sofa

Look at what BAT just got! A very kind donor gave BAT a “new” sofa. It is a sofa she grew up with, but it “had to go.”

What makes this sofa so much fun is that it is perfect for October’s comedy musical “The Addams Family.”

BAT has a small storage space it rents to hold on to pieces that will likely be used in a show and that are hard to find. In this case BAT’s new sofa will be stored in its concessions room and BAT’s old sofa will be moved to storage. BAT will keep the old sofa in storage to use in period shows where

BAT's old sofa

BAT’s old sofa

there is plenty of blood. (Blood stains the fabric. Even after a deep cleaning you can still see blood on the old sofa from “Dracula” and “Refer Madness.”)

If you have an interesting piece of furniture, or hand prop, that you would like to give away, let BAT know. It may be just what we are looking for! And because BAT is a 501(c)(3), any donation to BAT is tax deductible. A win-win! (For example, BAT is always looking for used cell phones, they change so often that having the right one for each period is a challenge.)

Don’t miss “Electric Man” June 12, 13, 14 (matinee), 19, and 20. ONLINE TICKETS. BAT is air-conditioned, so stop by for “Electric Man” and chill.

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Why craft services?

So, what is it with film, television or video and craft services?

FullSizeRender-10In the last two weeks BAT has had two shoots at its space. BAT is busy helping Burien’s Film Department (even if they don’t know it) get Burien on the film-maker’s map. Whenever it can, BAT helps other arts organizations, including films. It is especially fun when we can help in our space!

Like everyone BAT likes to be in pictures. Look for us in the credits!

BAT has been promised stills from the shoot, and when they come in, we’ll post about the shoot. But now for an important issue. Why is craft services such an integral part of film and video shoots, but not not so much in theater?

I showed up at 8 am, unlocked the doors and the first thing in the door was coffee, donuts FullSizeRender-8and then more substantive food: lunch and more. Right after the food, in came the actors. As you can see they went right for the food. It is part of the film culture. But why?

During the day I had a chance to talk to the producer. Like BAT, the video can only afford to pay its actors and crew a small stipend. (Your donations help BAT pay its actors and crew.) But unlike at BAT, food flows like water at the shoots.

From what I have seen, most of the food in craft services is purchased locally. Money into the local economy. A win for Burien.

So what is the connection between film and video and food? Are the actors and crew sin-eaters? Or what?

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Electric Man at BAT – What you need to know

Comedic sparks fly in original superhero play Electric Man

Enjoy the comedy, love, drama and origins of an original superhero comedy, Electric Man, at Burien Actors Theatre June 12 through June 20. Get your TICKETS HERE!


Based on a concept from sketch writer and actor Adam Hegg, Electric Man is co-written by Hegg with fellow Turbo Turkey troupe members Michael Tangedahl, Josh Rodriguez and Anna Richardson. Electric Man is making its premiere at Burien Actors Theatre.

In Electric Man’s seemingly idyllic city of Micropolis, crime runs rampant in the streets. The police cannot stop it all themselves, but who else will step up? A new hero, born out of betrayal and intrigue, takes a stand against the evil that plagues his city. Those who witness are taken on an emotional thrill ride with a fair share of laughs as well.

The show, presented by Turbo Turkey with Burien Actors Theatre, is suitable for ages 13 and up due to occasional strong language and some acts of violence.

Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sunday, June 14 at 2 p.m. All performances are at Burien Actors Theatre, 14501 Fourth Ave. S.W. in Burien. Get your TICKETS HERE  or call 206-242-5180.


Adam Hegg is co-directing along with Anna Richardson, Michael Tangedahl and Josh Rodriguez. The four of them make up the cast along with the diverse acting talents of Helen Martin, Jessica Severance, Cory Osbourne, Simone Elbrecht, Jenette Troberg and Wendy Cohen. Continue reading

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Thanks for a season

Thanks to all of you, Burien Actors Theatre’s 35th Season drew to a close with the end of bat-logo-banner-trans-940x198.pngthe Bill and Peggy Playwrights Festival on May 24. BAT is gearing up to do it all over again! Our main stage season opens in the fall with the musical “The Addams Family.”

This summer look for BAT in the 4th of July Parade, and at the Strawberry Festival, where in prior years BAT has been selected as the “best booth” by the crowds.

Photo by Michael Brunk / nwlens.comThis summer BAT will also be presenting “Electic Man,” a superhero comedy by Turbo Turkey, dance and the Seattle Playwright Studio’s Showcase. BAT’s BALL (Burien Actors Lending Library), located at Bumbershoot Books, will also begin to be filled with books.

BAT has said it before, and we’ll say it again and again, there would be no BAT without you and all of the community support! Patrons, donors and well wishes come to BAT from throughout greater Puget Sound. It is humbling. (BAT’s patrons come from Olympia to Vancouver. BC. and every place in between. For example, BAT is becoming a “where to” place for Canadians to spend the evening after a trip to shop at SouthCenter, and local businesses are benefiting too.)

Ticket prices could never cover what it costs to put on great theater. For a non-profit theater like BAT, the difference is made up in tax deductible donations, grants and volunteer help.

BAT is blessed with those who can, and do, make financial donations.

BAT is also blessed with volunteers who do everything. They truly are BAT’s life-blood.

Theaters also need the support of their home cities. Burien has been there for BAT. A special shout out to Burien, and Burien Parks Recreation and Culture Services, BAT’s landlord.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

See you at the show.

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