Raise the Royalties

BAT must pay the royalties for it’s 2015 musical, “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” dollar-signby November 1, 2014. The royalties are steep! Please help Bat raise the royalties. Donate today and join the production team!

Two BAT donors have agreed to match your donation, so your good deed will go twice as far. The first $10,000.00 donated before the last performance of “Out of Sterno,” on October 19, 2014, will be matched!

So far, BAT donors have given $3,366.00, all of which will be matched. (Last updated September 14, 2014)

Please help raise the royalties. DONATE ONLINE, or send your check to BAT, P.O. Box 48121, Burien ,WA 98166.

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Home again, home again, home again

September 13, 2014, was an auspicious day. It was the day BAT officially returned home.  photo-21photo-23photo-20photo-22  Thanks to the Burien City Council, the builders, BAT’s supporters and donors who made the return home possible.

BAT celebrated with a ribbon cutting and a party. I can safely say, “A good time was had by all.” Here are a few bad cell phone pictures of the event. (Our photographer called in sick at the last minute and I was left with my phone. It would be nice to have someone following BAT around catching all of the odd things that theaters do.)

First, Scott Gifford, the President of BAT’s Trustees calls out for the ribbon cutting scissors.

Then BAT’s bat shows up with them.

BAT’s Managing Director, Maggie Larrick, receives the scissors from the bat.

Finally, a poor shot of the ribbon cutting. You can see Rose Clark, a BAT trustee and prior Burien City Council Member getting ready to cut the ribbon. Also in on the cutting, current Council Member Nancy Tosta and the City Manager Kamuron Gurol.

Good to be home.

Come and enjoy “Out of Sterno,” which opens September 26.  TICKETS.

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BAT’s ghost light

For years BAT has kept an overhead light on in the theater. This was to keep the theater photo-18from going dark. BAT recently converted this practice into a more traditional ghost light.

Ghost lights are a longstanding tradition in theater. Wikipedia. They are sometimes call equity lights, as the actors union required them in theaters so that when you came into an empty theater you could see to get to the lighting controls without falling in the orchestra pit or falling on stairs. A good safety precaution.

However, ghost lights are more. They are typically a light on a pole, without a shade., located in the middle of the stage. It has been said that while the living are away the show goes on with the dead on stage and in the audience. But as one could imagine, there can be no show without photo-19light, hence the ghost light.

Whether you believe it is for safety or to appease the spirits as they strut and fret their hour upon the stage, that is up to you. All I will say is that since BAT installed the new ghost light, there has been relative calm at the theater, a nice change following “the year of fire.”

Please come and join your friends at “Out of Sterno” opening September 26 at 8 pm, and enjoy the rest of BAT’s 2014-15 season, but please, when you leave for the night, leave the ghost light on.

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A moment on stage

When you produce theater you end up holding onto the oddest things. Here is a picture of photo-16an old hair dryer from a beauty salon. BAT has had this in storage for a number of years. It has been in the way too many times to count. It survived prop room purges a few times. We always thought it was too unique to get rid of. (I don’t know if you can see it, but it even has a build-in ashtray.)

Then along came “Out of Sterno.” This very funny show is set, in part, in a beauty salon. It is finally time for this chair to get time on stage. Don’t miss its magical moments. TICKETS.

Like all theaters, BAT has limited storage. As a smaller theater, BAT’s storage is smaller than many other theaters. When in need, BAT borrows props from other theaters including the Seattle Opera. To walk through the Opera’s prop shop is to overload on Antique Road Show. They too hold on to the old and unique. They just have the room to hold on to a whole lot more than BAT can.

If you want to help, BAT collects, among other things, cell phones. They change every few years. Watch TV and notice the cell phones they use. No iPhones in a show set in 2002. No Motorola Razors in a show set in 2014.

Even land lines have changed. Now, it is very hard to even find a dial phone. They all have push buttons, even in the thrift shops. BAT has been on the lookout for a candlestick phone, with a dial or maybe before dials, for years. (Let me know if you have a phone to donate.)

Don’t get me started on computer monitors or TVs. After years of slow change, now they are all flat screens. Not so good for a show set in 1990. Luckily, BAT scored a few of each of the older monitors and TVs before they too disappeared.

Holding onto props is always a battle between the space you have and what you think will be too hard to find or make when you need it. (If you have both money and time, you can find anything you need. Theater, typically, does not has enough of either.)

When you come see “Out of Sterno,” smile at the salon chair as it has its time on stage. By the end of October, it will be back in storage, waiting, maybe years, for a chance to be a star once more.

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BAT’s back home PARTY!!!

Gala Party and Show on Sept. 13
Celebrate Burien Actors Theatre’s
newly restored performance space and new season

Celebrate Burien Actors Theatre’s return to its newly restored home and the opening of BAT’s 35th fantastical season with a Gala Party and Show on Sept 13.Bat-logo-final-color

Join BAT from 6 to 9 p.m. and enjoy:

  • delectable food and beverages
  • grand re-opening of the theater, including ribbon-cutting ceremony
  • backstage tours
  • show production information
  • best of all, a sneak peak at BAT’s 2014-15 Season—special entertainment includes music, comedy and drama!

Restorations to the theater were necessary after a fire damaged the building on December 10, 2013.

Ticket for this party and fundraiser are $15. Please RSVP by Sept. 12 by either buying ONLINE or reserving a spot at rsvp@burienactorstheatre.org or 206-242-5180 (leave a message). Burien Actors Theatre is located at 14501 4th Ave S.W. in Burien

Burien Actors Theatre is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) theater engages audiences in an invigorating theatre experience through intriguing and fantastical productions they can’t get or see anywhere else.

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As BAT prepares for “Out of Sterno,” which opens September 26 – TICKETS – we are photo-15gathering props. One of the stranger things we needed for this show was a toilet. It gets cleaned during the show.

Through an odd set of circumstances, the neighbor of one of BAT’s volunteers was getting rid of his toilet while BAT was looking for one. So, BAT is recycling a toilet for “Out of Sterno.” Waste not, want not.

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Call backs

A little theater lingo: auditions are where actors come in with scenes that they have cropped-Bat-logo-final-color.pngprepared to show off their skills. Call backs are when those actors who made the first cut in the audition process are given small bits of the script, called sides, which they read and act out with other actors who also made the first cut.

Call backs are the strangest of places. People who have never met before, for the most part, work together to make a script they likely have not read through before, come to life while making themselves seem like the character they are reading for.

Now, it is a pet peeve of mine that many actors come to call backs without having read the script. BAT often does works in manuscript, just before a show is published. In that case, there is little more leeway. But for a show like “Out of Sterno,” there is, in my mind, little reason to have not read the script before coming to call backs.

The call back process is where the directors test different different actors together and look for chemistry. Often these people who just met have to act like people who have known each other for years, or who have a romantic interest. This is not easy on the actors. It is also where the script first comes to life for the directors. It is wonderful, if not a scary, process.

I loved “Out of Sterno” when I first read it. It only got better to hear skilled actors give it life at call backs. I am sure you will enjoy this comedic fable looking at what it is like being a female in our crazy world.

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Hat tip to Metro Transit

Special hat tip to King County Metro Transit. BAT needed a set of bus seats for “Out of photo-14Sterno,” which opens September 26. TICKETS! BAT called Metro Transit on the off chance they could point BAT in the right direction. Metro was all over it.

Ended up with Jack at the shop in Seattle. Even with his vacation looming Jack jumped on this project and he and his crew made BAT two sets of seats. They had to add the frames to the seats and called to make sure they were the right color before BAT was told we could pick them up.

Jack and Metro Transit were a pleasure to work with. Hope they can all make it to the show!

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BAT’s 2014-15 season

A COMEDY written by Deborah Zoe Laufer
September 26-October 19, 2014
Alice in Wonderland meets Peewee Herman as this play of self-discovery takes Dotty down the rabbit hole. In the seven seemingly perfect years Dotty has been married, she has never left her apartment…but then she receives a mysterious phone call and her life is changed forever.

A COMEDY written by Joe Keyes and Rob Elk
November 28-December 21, 2014
This is a Holiday office party that can’t be missed. Every Holiday party gone astray comes together for one evening of fun. The only reason you can take your eyes off of the action is that you are laughing so hard you can’t see straight.

A MUSICAL COMEDY written by Joe DiPietro and music by Jimmy Roberts
February 13-March 22, 2015
This hilarious musical is a witty exploration of everything you ever secretly thought about sex, dating and marriage–but were afraid to admit.

May 1-May 24, 2015
Expect the unexpected, and experience the very best from the imaginations of Washington State playwrights. Engaging and all-new.

Get your season tickets HERE!

Get tickets for “Out of Sterno” HERE!

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“Out of Sterno” comes to BAT

Opening September 26, 2014, the comedy “Out of Sterno” by Deborah Zoe Laufer. Bat-logo-final-color(September 26 though October 19) Imagine “Alice in Wonderland” meets “Peewee Herman” as this play of self-discovery takes Dotty down the rabbit hole. In the seven seemingly perfect years Dotty has been married, she never left her apartment . . . but then she receives and mysterious phone call and her life is changed forever.

Tickets are on sale now – CLICK HERE.

Also new for BAT’s 35th Season is a special discount rate for all students! Just $10! Wow.

Help BAT get this season going! Donate HERE. BAT has a matching grant through the end of “Out o f Sterno” Get twice the bang for your buck!

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