No David Templeton concert this Holiday Season

If you received either BAT’s postcard or email newsletter for crazy funny The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged), you might have noticed that the amazing David Templeton was going to preform a benefit concert for BAT. Unfortunately, that concert has to be delayed. BAT will be looking into future dates and possibly a bigger venue.

Here is what David suggested BAT say, “The December 14 concert with David Templeton has been postponed while looking into possible future dates, stay tuned!”

While BAT is saddened that David’s December performance had to be delayed. BAT is still ultimate-poster-final-1giving unlimited Holiday entertainment! On November 25, the day after Thanksgiving The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged) opens for a four week run! TICKETS

Opening night (Black Friday) there is a free party after the show and Saturday and Sunday are packed with very special ticket deals to fill you with Holiday cheer. (Only on Saturday November 26 all tickets are half price, and only on Sunday November 27 all tickets are just $7! TICKETS)

And not to leave you without a Holiday concert, on Sunday, December 11, BAT presents the Northwest Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet. This show is always great. Here is a link to one of their prior shows at BAT – WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE and GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!

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The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged) Press Release

Twisted holiday cheer warms the heart 

in the comedy The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged)

at Burien Actors Theatre

(Nov. 16, 2016 – Burien, WA) Celebrate the season with a tour de force in which three actors ultimate-poster-final-1do absolutely everything in the irreverently heartwarming comedy The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged) at Burien Actors Theatre Nov. 25 through Dec. 18.

The Burien Actors Theatre production features specialty drinks themed to the show and plenty of free on-site parking, plus an opening night party.


It’s the Annual Holiday extravaganza at St. Everybody’s Non-Denominational Universalist Church. But bad weather has barred the scheduled acts from arriving. So three church members have to perform the entire pageant themselves. This irreverent trip through the holidays promises a good time gift-wrapped in song, parody and delightfully twisted holiday cheer along with an elf ballet. If you liked The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), you’ll love this tour de force for three actors.

Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m., and Sunday matinees at 2 p.m. at Burien Actors Theatre, 14501 4th Ave. S.W. in Burien.

Ticket prices range from $7 to $20. Student tickets are just $10. GET YOU TICKETS HERE or call 206-242-5180.

Enjoy an early Christmas present with opening weekend deals:  Tickets on opening night, Nov. 25, include free admission to the opening night party. On Saturday, Nov. 26 all tickets are half price and on Sunday, Nov. 27, known as Seven Buck Sunday, admission is just $7.

The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged) is sponsored by 4Culture.


Stage director Marc “Mok” Moser directs the talented cast of Beth Davis, Pepper Hambrick and Anna Richardson.

Designers for the show are: Albie Clementi, set; Rob Falk, lighting; Cyndi Baumgardner, props; Audrey Herold, costumes; and Tony Cochran, Marc “Mok” Moser and Eric Dickman for sound.

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The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged)

For those of you that can’t take one more Christmas Carol or Miracle on 34th ultimate-poster-final-1Street-style homage to the wonder of the Season, the Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged) has your antidote, with an irreverent look at the Holidays. When inclement weather prevents the planned acts from showing up, three intrepid actors take on the task of presenting every Christmas show imaginable (abridged, of course.)



From the Highline Times (WestSide Weekly)

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Last chance for chocolate bats before Thanksgiving

Look at these cute chocolate bats! The are hand made at Armoire Chocolat exclusively for img_0641BAT. This weekend (the last three performances of The Toxic Avengerget TICKETS HERE) is your very last chance to stock up on these cuties before Halloween and Thanksgiving. (The Ultimate Christmas Show (abridged) opens the date after Thanksgiving.) If seeing the musical comedy The Toxic Avenger is not enough reason for you to make it to BAT this weekend, then come for the chocolate!

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Badly battered bad bill bounces

Over the weekend BAT found this badly battered bill in its donation box. As you can see the bill has seen better days. But img_0946there is more to this battered bill than meets the eye.

If you have a damaged bill you an take it to a bank, and if there is enough of the bill there, the bank can replace the battered bill with a new bill. So, that is what BAT did with the battered bill.

However, not only is this bill badly battered and tattered, but it is a forgery. Yes, BAT was given a tattered forged bill as a donation.

I have never knowingly seen a forged bill before. However, after talking to the banker I now know much more about spotting a forged bill. There is a cloth stripe, watermarks, and ink that changes color in money. This battered bill had none of those things. Although the paper quality was quite good.

BAT's donation box

BAT’s donation box

I can only hope whomever put the fake bill in BAT’s donation box, mistook the box for a waste basket. However looking at BAT’s donation box, that seems unlikely.

Not wanting to be too harsh on whomever put the forged bill in BAT’s donation box, but there must be a special kind of bad Karma that follows giving forged money to a non-profit theater.

Next time you are at BAT, put some real money in the donation box, as I know good Karma follows that bit of kindness.

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Slow early bidding on the Toxie barrel, but time is running out.

So far, just two people have bid on the clean 35-gallon drum that was specially painted by img_0886the artist Sam Sneke for BAT’s The Toxic Avenger set. Toxie is a very funny musical comedy set in a New Jersey waste dump. As part of the set, Sam Sneke painted the famous Toxie barrel. Get more information HERE.

This is a one of kind gem, that can be yours, if you are the highest bidder. Right now the top bid is $35.00 – CLICK HERE to see where bidding is right now.

img_0887The Toxic Avenger must end on October 30, 2016. TICKETS for Toxie. Bidding on the Toxie barrel must close at midnight, October 30. Don’t miss your chance to support better live theater, and to own the famous Toxie barrel.

Place your bid by emailing it to Time is running out.

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BAT survived the Great Seattle Storm of 2016

BAT survived the Great Seattle Storm of 2016. But of course, we all did. It was forecast to wa-storm-2016be the End of Times, but it was just breezy. Still, there were lessons to be learned.

First, it was amazing to see the cast and crew of The Toxic Avenger (TICKETS) take on the challenge that was forecast for the night of October 15, 2016. They were all about making the show happen. Although BAT kept its eye on the weather forecast and looked out the window, the cast and crew never wavered that they would be at BAT ready for the curtain.

Second, the cast and crew came prepared to do the show, even if the power went out. They brought flashlights to give the audience, and BAT brought in the rehearsal piano (acoustic) should the power to the live band go out.

The cast worked out who would do what sound effects, should the power to the sound system go out. Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Twelve

It’s football season. Once again I see the 12 person flags, bumper stickers, even auto paint thumb-1jobs. What an amazing marketing tool. Everyone, even those without an ownership interest in the Seahawks, are part of the game. All of the fans make a difference.

Can this work for theater? Is part of the running crew as catchy as one of the 12s? Can we make our audiences feel as important to the show as they are? Will we see BAT running crew flags and bumper stickers?

At BAT we have The Toxic Avenger on stage. TICKETS. I can tell you that the energy the audience brings to the show makes all the difference. If you’re having a good time, so is the cast and the show soars.

img_0815So, what say the BAT-fans? Will we soon see BAT running crew flags and bumper stickers? Will anyone paint the BAT logo no their car?

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Why not all G rated?

The Toxic Avenger may sound like a kids’ show, but it is not. BAT put a warning on the Bat-logo-final-colorshow that it is not suitable for those under 13 years of age. Funny, yes. Very funny, yes. In fact, it is the funniest thing to come out of a toxic waste dump, ever. But not a kids’ show.

Most of the productions at BAT are not G rated. (Although some are, The Addams Family Musical is a good example.) Why not all G rated?

Continue reading

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Bid on The Toxic Avenger barrel

BAT is auctioning off a fine specimen of Sam Sneke’s art. This drum from the toxic dump img_0886 img_0887in The Toxic Avenger could be yours!

It is a clean 35 gallon metal drum, great to hold garden tools, to spruce up your garden or storage shed. Let’s be honest, it would be great in a dorm room or in the right living room. I can easily see it keeping a keg of beer chilled, just add ice. It could be the center post for a patio table. The uses for this one-of-kind work of art are limited only by your imagination.

So how can you make this modern Picasso yours? Join the online auction. (The minimum bid is $25.)

To make a bid, email your name, phone number and bid amount to All bids will be listed from lowest to highest here on the

BAT Barrel Bid page

the highest bidder at 11:59 pm on October 30, 2016, can buy the Toxie barrel for that bid price.

The proceeds of this auction go to Sam Sneke and Burien Actors Theater. Great art begins with you! Bid today!

Get your tickets to see the musical comedy The Toxic Avenger HERE.

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