“Out of Sterno” comes to BAT

Opening September 26, 2014, the comedy “Out of Sterno” by Deborah Zoe Laufer. Bat-logo-final-color(September 26 though October 19) Imagine “Alice in Wonderland” meets “Peewee Herman” as this play of self-discovery takes Dotty down the rabbit hole. In the seven seemingly perfect years Dotty has been married, she never left her apartment . . . but then she receives and mysterious phone call and her life is changed forever.

Tickets are on sale now – CLICK HERE.

Also new for BAT’s 35th Season is a special discount rate for all students! Just $10! Wow.

Help BAT get this season going! Donate HERE. BAT has a matching grant through the end of “Out o f Sterno” Get twice the bang for your buck!

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BAT’s 2014-15 season

A COMEDY written by Deborah Zoe Laufer
September 26-October 19, 2014
Alice in Wonderland meets Peewee Herman as this play of self-discovery takes Dotty down the rabbit hole. In the seven seemingly perfect years Dotty has been married, she has never left her apartment…but then she receives a mysterious phone call and her life is changed forever.

A COMEDY written by Joe Keyes and Rob Elk
November 28-December 21, 2014
This is a Holiday office party that can’t be missed. Every Holiday party gone astray comes together for one evening of fun. The only reason you can take your eyes off of the action is that you are laughing so hard you can’t see straight.

A MUSICAL COMEDY written by Joe DiPietro and music by Jimmy Roberts
February 13-March 22, 2015
This hilarious musical is a witty exploration of everything you ever secretly thought about sex, dating and marriage–but were afraid to admit.

May 1-May 24, 2015
Expect the unexpected, and experience the very best from the imaginations of Washington State playwrights. Engaging and all-new.

Get your season tickets HERE!

Get tickets for “Out of Sterno” HERE!

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Upcoming Events At BAT

First, for just two days, BAT presents the improv of Turbo Turkey. 4 shows, Saturday and bat-logo-banner-trans-940x198.pngSunday at 7 and again at 9 pm Turbo Turkey will get you laugh away the dog days of Summer. Yes, BAT has air conditioning and free on site parking.

Second, SAVE THE DATE, Saturday, September 13th, for BAT’s Annual Gala and thank you celebrating BAT’s upcoming 35th season!

Formal invitations will head out in a few weeks, but make sure to save the date now. We’re excited about all we’re planning, including, food and drink, entertainment, and a SNEAK PEAK of some the new season’s shows.

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First day of call backs for “Out of Sterno”

A little theater lingo: auditions are where actors come in with scenes they have bat-logo-banner-trans-940x198.pngprepared to show off their skills. Call backs are when those who made the first cut in the audition process are given bits of the script which they read and act out with other actors who also made the first cut.

At call backs for “Out of Sterno.” Call backs are one of the strangest places. People who have never met before, for the most part, work together to make a script they likely have not read through before, come life, while making themselves seem like the character they are reading for.

(It is a pet peeve of mine that many actors come to call backs without having read the script. BAT often does works in manuscript, before a show is published. In that case, there is little more leeway. But for a show like “Out of Sterno,” there is, in my mind, little reason to have not read the script before coming to call backs.  Luckily most all of the actors at this call back have read the script.)

The call back process is where the directors test different different actors together and look for chemistry. Often these people who just met have to act like people who have known each other for years, who have a romantic interest, or whatnot. This is not easy on the actors. It is also where the script first comes to real life for the directors. It is wonderful, if not a scary, process.

I loved “Out of Sterno” when I first read it. It only got better when I got the chance to hear skilled actors give it life. I am sure you will enjoy this comedic look at being female in our crazy world.

Coming in September at BAT!

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First hint of an August fundraiser

BAT’s 35th season is officially moving forward.  Auditions for the first show “Out of photo 1Sterno” are being scheduled.

Additionally, BAT is preparing for an August 23rd fundraiser.  It will be a glorious night of music by David Templeton.  David is amazing and this night will be one to remember.  The final details are being worked out, but tickets will go on sale on July 20th.  Right now they will be limited to just 300 people, fro a concert by David, this is a small group.

photo 2The fundraiser will be outdoors in Burien.  (There is a fall back plan should it rain.) These are pictures of the view from the seating area.  They were taken at the meeting to start to get the details ironed out.

Mark your calendar, August 23!

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Thanks for a wild 2013-14 season

Thank you!thanks_21095397

BAT’s 34th season is over. Auditions for the 35 season are just a few weeks away. What a long strange season 34 was.

During the season BAT relearned the lessen, “The show must go on!” Without all of the fantastic BAT-fans and volunteers the season would have been a train wreck. Instead it was a great success. Thanks to each and everyone of you.

The season opened with a smashing production of “Young Frankenstein the Musical.” BAT was the first non-professional theater to get the rights to that show. It was more fun than could be imagined. BAT fans were doing the Transilvania Shuffle as they left the house.

For the techies, this was the first time BAT used a flash pot on stage. “Fire bad!” Ah the foreshadowing…..

Next up at BAT was “Coney Island Christmas.” BAT was the second theater in the country to produce this touching Holiday comedy. This was a high tech show, with countless slides and marvelous cast. The first two weeks of “Coney Island Christmas” was great as seen the show photos.

Then a date that will live in BAT history: Tuesday, December 10, 2013. Early in the morning the BAT phones went crazy! FIRE!

BAT’s theater space was ablaze. Thanks to the fine firefighters the damage was limited, but still destructive. The cause was arson. That day, BAT’s scramble to save its production was underway.

Solely because of BAT’s volunteers, designers, directors and crew, together with the kindness of the Highline Historical Society, who opened their pop-up museum space to BAT, and Dukes Bay Production, who lent BAT equipment, the show was saved. By Friday, December 13, 2013, “Coney Island Christmas” reopened in a new space. That’s right, the entire show, less some equipment and set pieces, moved into a new space, was reblocked and was “ready” to open in less than 4 days! That was insane. But not one person hesitated. The only two question BAT got were, “How do we make this happen?” and “How can we help?”

No one who saw the “new” “Coney Island Christmas” was disappointed.

Suddenly, BAT was homeless. BAT’s wonderful donors stepped up and helped pay for a temporary space.

BAT’s February show was “Noises Off.” A show with a two story set, and 7 doors that slammed. The set had been designed for BAT’s space. Very few spaces in Burien could accommodate that tall of a set, but BAT found an empty Staples store. The set just fit.

The cast, designers and crew did not flinch as BAT got its occupancy permit from the City of Burien literally just hours before the show opened. What a great show it was!

Right about then the question was, would BAT’s landlord the City of Burien rebuild BAT’s space? It was up to the City to rebuild or not. There was some pushback because of the extent of the damage. But BAT fans rose to the occasion. In just a couple of weeks the Burien City Council received an even 100 emails asking the City to rebuild BAT’s space. BAT was again in awe of its fans.

Along the way BAT added late-night performances from the improv group Turbo Turkey and beat poetry/rap by Poets With A Purpose. BAT doesn’t believe the streets of Burien should roll up by 10 pm.

No one was certain BAT’s space would be done in time for the May opening of “End Days.” It was down to the wire. BAT got the keys to its space late Friday afternoon, and “End Days” opened 7 days later. Tech rehearsals went on while boxes were unpacked and lights and cables were rehung.


A wild season, and not a performance missed. Many a time, BAT was amazed by is fans and volunteers. People do not get better than that group.

At the end of June BAT’s fiscal year, and the 34th season, closed. Auditions for “Out of Sterno” the opening show of BAT’s 35 season are all but upon us. 4Culture has given BAT a grant to make some improvements to its space, which BAT also hopes to get done before “Out of Sterno” opens.

Season tickets go on sale in days. Donations coming in now will be credited to the 35th season, so you’ll be in the program for the entire season! Donate a little seed money, if you can, and you’ll help BAT get the first show up!

Two things became very clear from BAT’s 34th season: Never have a fire in your theater mid-season, and there are no better people in the world than BAT-fans.

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“Out of Sterno” audtions

Auditions for comedy “Out of Sterno” at Burien Actors Theatre

Burien Actors Theatre announces auditions for the 4-actor ensemble comedy Out of Sterno, written by Deborah Zoe Laufer. Actors of all ethnicities invited to audition. One male actor will play 8 roles, including women.

Synopsis: Alice in Wonderland meets Peewee Herman as this zany comedy of self-discovery takes Dotty down the rabbit hole. Dotty’s life in Sterno with her husband, Hamel, is absolutely fairytale perfect! True, in their seven years of marriage Hamel has forbidden her to leave their tiny apartment or speak to anyone. But the naïve Dotty is happy spending her days doing arts and crafts and watching video reenactments of the day she and Hamel first met. Then one day, Dotty receives a mysterious phone call, and her life is changed forever. She soon discovers there’s a tawdry world out there, populated by characters such as Barb, the ultra feminist, and Zena, a potty-mouthed hair stylist from hell who is having an affair with Dotty’s husband. Zena quickly nicknames Dotty “Peaches,” and has her cleaning the salon’s toilet with a toothbrush and filling in as her assistant. In the play’s ultimate twist, Dotty becomes a hit man hired to off herself. Dotty gradually finds herself and learns to make her own choices in this wickedly funny comedy that combines the qualities of a fairytale and tall tale with those of a wacky comic strip adventure.

Performances are at Burien Actors Theatre in Burien from Sept. 26 through Oct. 19, 2014. Rehearsals begin during the week of August 17. $100 stipend provided. Directed by Rochelle Flynn and Maggie Larrick.

Auditions are at Burien Actors Theatre on Wednesday, July 16 and Thursday, July 17 from 7 to 10 p.m. Callbacks will be Sunday, July 20 from noon to 5 p.m. Burien Actors Theatre is located at 14501 Fourth Ave. S.W. in Burien.

To audition, please prepare two contrasting short contemporary monologues (serious/comedy) totaling 3 minutes maximum. Bring resume and headshot. Callbacks will consist of cold readings from the script.

Please make audition appointment: audition@burienactorstheatre.org, or 206-242-5180.

Character Descriptions

Note: Actors do not need to be the ages listed, but must be able to convincingly play them.

DOTTY – 23. Childlike, loving, hopeful, bursting with intense enthusiasm for everything. She refuses to think ill of anyone.

HAMEL – 30s-40s. Dotty’s thuggish husband. Very very very very not smart. Loves his wife and needs her for everything, but is prey to other urges. Much more stupefied than angry or threatening.

ZENA – 30s-40s. The proprietress of Zena’s Beauty Emporium. Miss Triboro Area for two years running. Tough as nails.

DAN – Magically transforms himself into every other character in the play, including:

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Audition notice for “Out of Sterno” soon

BAT’s first show of its 35th season will be “Out of Sterno.”  This four actor show is a wonderful comedy.  Full details for audition coming soon.

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Happy Fourth Of July

BLT car during the 2012 Burien Independence Day Parade

BLT’s “float” during the 2012 Burien Independemce Day Parade – photo by Craig Orsinger for Burien Actors Theatre

It’s July 4th tomorrow, and so it’s time for the Burien Actors Theatre to participate in Burien’s Independence Day Parade. We are no longer Burien Little Theatre, of course, and we’ll be in a different vehicle this year, but we’ll be handing out discount postcards announcing the upcoming season like we always do.

This year the BAT “float” will be a Willys Jeepster, courtesy of Jim Peters. If you’re at the parade, watch for us as we try to keep up, handing out postcards and goodies.

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Thank the Council

images-4BAT was reading the Burien City Council Packet for Monday’s meeting and saw there were two emails from BAT-fans thanking the Council for rebuilding BAT’s space. What a great idea.

As you know, BAT had a fire. BAT’s landlord, the City of Burien, agreed to rebuild the space for BAT. “End Days” was back in that space.

Please take a minute and email the Burien City Council at council@burienwa.gov thanking them for rebuilding BAT’s space.

It is so often we are criticized for what we do, or did not do, please take a moment to that the Council for something they did right. It might just make their day.

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