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How can you enjoy the theater if you don’t read your scripts?

Okay, you can enjoy theater if you don’t read any scripts, but BAT is making it easier to read scripts and to enjoy theater.

Burien is a theater town, and BAT is part of the Puget Sound theater landscape, so it only makes sense that BAT would be part of making theater more accessible and interesting.

Today, BAT had a very productive meeting with the owner of Bumbershoot Books in BumbershootStoreFrontBurien. Very soon, BAT will be opening what we tentatively are calling BALL (Burien Actors Lending Library) at Bumbershoot Books.

BAT’s BALL will be located in the back of Bumbershoot Books. As seen in the photo, below, the shelves are empty and waiting for books.

A kind donor has stepped up to help BAT buy scripts and books about theater to populate the empty shelves. BAT will soon begin the process of filling these shelves with theater books that you can check out, at no cost, or read on site.

BALLShelvesEmptyBAT loves to work with local merchants and this is one more example of that. Bumbershoot Books, located at 639 SW 152nd Street in Burien (206-241-2665), sells used and antiquarian books. A venerable store with a fireplace for those rainy days, and comfortable seating all of the time. Bumbershoot Books is a great place for anyone who likes to read. Very soon, it will also house scripts and books on theater that you can read on site or check out.

Among other books, BAT will be placing copies of scripts of upcoming BAT shows at BALL so you can read them before or after seeing BAT’s production. (Some scripts BAT gets are in manuscript form from the author’s agent, and some scripts, mostly musicals, cannot be shared, but beyond those, BAT will fill the shelves at Bumbershoot Books.)

So, what would you like to see at BAT’s BALL? What titles you would like to read, what books on theater interest you? Post them in the comment section and BAT will see what it can do to make them available.

Talking theater, don’t miss “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” at BAT through March 22. TICKETS.

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Can small theaters take chances?

BAT is currently producing the musical comedy “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.” I Love you-web artIt is great show with a great cast, crew and designers. It is drawing well deserved crowds, it has gotten good reviews and and hopefully it will continue to draw well. (ILYYPNC runs Friday and Saturday at 8 and Sunday at 2, through March 22. TICKETS.)

ILYYPNC touches cords in anyone who has been in, or is currently in, a relationship. A wonderful play, but not one that is produced all that often around Puget Sound.

To produce ILYYPNC is a bit of a risk, just because you do not see everyone doing it. But is not a new work, it was first produced in 1996.  Next up at BAT, in May, is the Bill and Peggy Hunt Playwrights Festival. BAT will be producing four never previously produced scripts over four weeks. A full-length and one-act for two weekends and then a different full-length and one-act for the next two weekends. Talk about taking a risk. Will people come see these shows?

If history is a predictor, even with BAT cutting its ticket prices, the crowds will be smaller for the playwrights festival than for just about any older moderately well known play. What’s a progressive theater to do? Continue reading

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A door

Sometimes it is the little things.  BAT has a storage space off site.  BAT pays rent on the space.  One more of the costs of live theater.

In November of 2013, BAT’s storage space was vandalized.  Luckily none of BAT’s props or building supplies were taken.  But the thieves took the door handle.  It was brass and worth money as salvage.  This weekend when going to BAT’s storage to lend some props to another theater, BAT found a new door handle.  This means BAT no longer has to walk BATDooraround the building and come in through the back.  A nice surprise.

Thank you, BAT’s landlord.

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Picking a season

BAT is narrowing the field for its 2015-16 season. It looks to be very exciting and well sample-workingscript001worth your support, still this time of year brings out fear in those who select the plays to be produced.

You might think by the time BAT is picking its 36th season, there would be a nice easy plug-in formula and off we go. That is not the case.

Lets look at how the sausage is made. This post addresses the concerns of small houses, and may not apply to bigger or well endowed theaters. With a steady income comes the ability to take greater risks, as one bad play or season will not kill the theater.

For BAT, we start with our mission statement:

Burien Actors Theatre is committed to being a leader in entertainment by producing intriguing professional-quality shows with the highest artistic integrity that excites, engages and involves both the local and expanding artistic communities in the Puget Sound Region.

Okay. So what does that mean for play selection? It doesn’t give much clear guidance, but it is a starting place. Continue reading

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What’s the story with this chair?

What is this chair? IMG_0272

This is one of BAT’s new gifts. I know it is a chair, but can you tell me more? It is a most interesting thing indeed. Anyone know anything about this style of chair? There is story waiting to be told with this one. Please share what you know about it.

When you come see “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change,” you can sit in this marvel.  IMG_0270IMG_0271

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Where did the furnature go?

Where did the furniture go?IMG_0268

All of BAT’s sofas disappeared out of BAT’s concessions room today, and the sofas are not onstage.

This time, all of BAT’s sofas took a trip to help at the ‘Open Bite Nite’ fundraiser for Burien CARES. CARES is Burien’s animal control agency. If you have not looking into adopting a pet from CARES, you should.

BAT is always happy to help out a worthy non-profit in Burien. Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the movement of BAT’s sofas, and BAT will clean the animal hair off the sofas before you come to see “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.”

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BAT and Bowls

Burien’s Empty Bowls raised $21,000 for the Highline Food Bank and White Center Food IMG_0263 Bank.. How grand. BAT provided its support too. Like it has for many years, thanks to work of BAT volunteers, BAT supplied all of the flower arrangements for all of the tables at Empty Bowls.

IMG_0260It is wonderful to be part of an event that raises money for the Highline Food Bank and White Center Food Bank, and to support events in Burien.IMG_0259

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Thank you 4Culture

BAT is happy to announce that it once again was awarded a sustaining grant from search4Culture. The wonder of this type of grant is that the funds may be spent on any project BAT is working on. The funds are not limited to say new equipment. (New equipment grants are nice, but sometimes it is good to have funds that can go where BAT needs them right now.)

As 4Culture put it:

“Your award is the result of a highly competitive process. This year’s adjudication panel considered funding for many worthy organizations. They awarded funds based on a number of criteria specific to the program. We applaud you for being part of this successful group.”

No, no, BAT applauds 4Culture for its assistance in making better live theater possible. Without the kindness of organizations like 4Culture and BAT’s many individual donors, BAT could not produce high quality theater.

BAT is half way though its 2014-15 season. We are looking at shows for next season. The cost of production always plays a big part of those discussions. If you can, please financially support BAT, and become part of making better live theater. DONATE

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Back to tweeting

Okay, I am not tech geek (although I might play one on stage). I was notified the link on this site to BAT’s twitter feed had been changed. It no longer took people to BAT_tweeting.

BAT’s current site, a mix of old and new, is a “pleasure” to work on when all you know spin_prod_665491601-1about coding is a few slashes and an ampersand. Nevertheless, I waded in where coding angels would fear to tread.

It appears the twitter link is back up and working. (Don’t really ask me how, even though I fixed it.)

If you see a problem with this site, please let BAT know at Assuming it is not completely out of my pay grade, we’ll be right on it.

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2015 Bill & Peggy Hunt Playwright Festival winners


This year BAT had so many very good scripts submitted to the Bill & Peggy Hunt CAFEMURDER2Playwrights Festival that choosing the winners was a real challenge.  Thank you to every author who took the time to submit a script.  BAT understands how hard writing is, and the high quality writing BAT saw in the scripts submitted to this year’s festival was exceptional.

Thanks too to the judges of the Bill and Peggy Hunt Playwright Festival scripts.  Picking the winners out of so many amazing scripts was no easy task.

The winners of the 2015 Bill & Peggy Hunt Playwrights Festival are:

First Place Full-Length play: “Four Gone Conclusions,” a comedy, by Kevin Boze

Second Place Full-Length play: “The Skilled Use of Blunt Objects,” a drama, by Thomas Pierce

First Place One-Act play: Dr.Kritzinger’s 12 O’Clock,” a drama, by Jim Snowden

Second Place One-Act: “The Study Group,” a comedy, by Stephan Feldman



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