Poetry and Projects. Virgins Involved.

Once the adults only bits are over, it’s good to relax, have a bit of a sing-song, and some poetry.

Logan Powers performed a poem. Put me in mind of the ’50s, and beat poets, and smoky bars where very interesting people applauded very interesting words with finger snaps. Love that stuff.

With a little time opening up for unexpected entertainments, Kevin Boze stepped onstage. He wrote a book called The Virgin Project, in which former virgins were asked to tell, in their own words, how they achieved their ex-virgin status. The results were well worth turning into short skits. The audience may have been tired at 2am, but they woke up rather rapidly once Kevin and company got started.

Katt and Logan Powers waiting for the spotlight. There’s power and magic in this: actors awaiting their turn. A moment of held breath, and for the audience, a plunge into the unknown.

And then the performance, and the expression on Katt’s face, so perfectly capturing a moment of wonderful absurdity.

The shows go on. If you missed the last several hours, if you’re now sitting over your coffee with your breakfast, there’s still time. You don’t even have to get dressed – come on down in your pj’s, it’s not like the cast won’t be dressed in ’em at 4:30am. Come for the scandal – Scandal from Bohemia, that is, a little burlesque for your Sunday morning. There will be blues, and jazz, and Church of the Mimosa (so those of you who like to spend your Sunday mornings singing gospel, you’re welcome to join in here). And at the end, some surprises.

What surprises? You’ll have to come to BLT to find out.

See you at the theatre, my darlings. Let the show go ever on!

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