Thanks from 9-10-11

9-10-11 has passed and we had a chance to sleep. It is understatement to say 9-10-11 was a good time. Everyone I talked to enjoyed themselves. BLT raised money, not as much as we needed, but more than I expected for a first time event.

If you followed the live blogging you saw that BLT had friends help out throughout the night. Some of these bloggers will be back. You can also see that by about 8:00 am (hour 23) or so, I could hardly string three words together to make a coherent sentence.

Three things stand out for me from 9-10-11.

First, the support BLT has in the community. It was very nice to see so many of BLT’s old friends stopping by to catch some of this and some of that. And to see BLT’s new friends, those who had not been to the theater before, but stopped by to see what 9-10-11 was about. It felt like a party where the entire community had a place to relax. We even had a group that hung out in BLT’s bar most of the evening, only catching an act once and a while, but catching up with each other and those who stopped by most of the night.

Second, I cannot believe the talent that came to help BLT. These were people related to BLT in some way or another, they had been in a show or knew someone who had been in a show. They came and shared their talent with Burien and renewed their ties with the BLT family, without expecting to be paid. They did it out of their love for BLT and what BLT adds to the community.

Finally, and by no means the least, I was pleased with all of the volunteers who came to help BLT. Most of these were already part of BLT’s family, but they gave up an 80 plus degree Saturday, or came in the middle of the night or early Sunday morning to help BLT. They sold season tickets, answered questions, sold liquor, espresso, concessions, moved set pieces and band equipment. They ran the lights and sound, they ushered acts into the green room and they got acts out on stage on time. In other words they did most all of the work that it took to present 24 hours of non-stop live entertainment to the City of Burien and the surrounding area. Our volunteers are the heart and sole of BLT. They are the only reason BLT continues to exist. Again, without pay they made 9-10-11 happen for all of BLT’s guests.

All I can say to all of you is, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” And to remind you it is not too late to send your donation to BLT at BLT, P.O. Box 48121, Burien, WA, 98148.

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