So why splatter?

Attached are a couple of pictures of Nathan splattering the floor for “reasons to be pretty.”  So, why splatter?  This is a painting technique that you will see used a lot in theater.  The walls and the floors are painted the colors you want, then you splatter them with contrasting colors.  Why?  If done properly it will hide a world of sins.  It will hide nail holes, unevenness, and bends.  How?

Splatter is of two kinds.  Some is to lighten or darken the color of the wall or stage.  The former is typically a light color and the latter is darker.  Some splatters are to hide flaws.  Splatter used to hide flaws are contrasting colors.  Sometimes surprisingly bright colors.  Contrasting colors keeps your eyes from focusing directly on the walls or floor.  That gives the walls and floors a three-D effect.  And also hides flaws.

You could really see this in “The Who’s Tommy” floor.  It was painted to look like a pinball game.  Until we splattered the floor it looked flat and boring.  You could see every flaw on our 10-year old platforms.  Once splatter the floor looked like you could almost play pinball on it and the floor seemed even, though it was not.

In “reasons to be pretty” splatter is used to create a wood floor without painting all of the wood grain and boards.  It is also used to create the concrete floor look in the mall and the restaurant.  Easy and quick, yet very effective.

Splatter on the walls really hid the unevenness and holes in the old flats.  These flats have seen countless shows and yet with a new coat of paint with some multi-color splatter they rise to the occasion and another new world is created.

If you want to see this magic work, feel free to volunteer to help BLT paint.  It is more fun than it is work.  Really.

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