Ticket Deals for “Anna in the Tropics”

BLT is offering great ticket price deals on Anna in the Tropics.  Note that each of these deals happens on a different day of the opening weekend.

On opening night, Friday, August 3, 2012, wear a flower in your hair (true for both males and females) and get $5.00 off your ticket price.  The flower can be real or artificial, it does not matter, but it must be in your hair.  This deal is only available at the box office, but you can reserve your seat at [email protected]  Just tell us you are coming with a flower in your hair.

Don’t miss BLT’s free opening night party!

Saturday, August 4, 2012, is Date Night.  Tickets are 2 for 1, if you use the code “Date-g” for general tickets or “Date-s” for student or senior tickets.  (What a deal!)  You can get these tickets online here.

Sunday, August 5, 2012, is $7 Sunday.  All tickets are just $7.00.  (A deal that cannot be beat!) You can get these tickers online here.

Even if you cannot make a show the opening weekend, do not miss Anna in the Tropics, a great show that BLT is co-producing with the Latino Theatre Projects.

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3 Responses to Ticket Deals for “Anna in the Tropics”

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  2. Patricia Garner says:

    I wanted to be certain that you got my request for 4 tickets for the Sunday August 19 matinee; 2 comp tickets and 2 senior tickets. I phoned it in, but the message was very talky so I hit “0”, then realized that I don’t know if that works or not.


    Pat Garner

    • craig says:

      I’ll pass on your request, but there are three ways I know of to get tickets reserved at BLT.

      The first is via e-mail at “tickets” at “burienlittletheatre.org”.

      The second is to ask via phone at 206-242-5180.

      The third is the surest way, I think. Go to the main site and scroll down to the line that says “Buy Tickets Online at Burien Little Theatre’s secure website NOW” and click on the button. You can buy your tickets there, and pick them up at the theatre.

      Of course, that last method won’t work for comp tickets, but I thought I’d mention it so others reading this are aware.

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