A Special Fundraising Event

As those who have visited our main website recently may be aware, we have a special fundraising event going on this year. Thanks to a publicity photograph by Mike Wilson and GIMP, an open source graphics program, I was able to put together an official-looking poster:

Poster for BLT fundraising presentation of "Bold Grace:", Sept. 7 and 8, 2012

Anna Richardson stars in two special fundraising performance of “Bold Grace: The Voyages of the Pirate O’Malley”, Sept. 7 and 8, 2012.

What’s the play about? Here’s the synopsis from the main site:

This one-woman performance “Bold Grace” follows the life and times of real life 16th-century Irish pirate, Grace O’Malley. Beginning with her first voyage with her father at the age of nine, Grace re-lives key points in her life until her death in 1603. Grace lived a full life, including pirating up and down the Irish coast, an army of 200 loyal fighting men, her own fleet of ships, two marriages, four children (one born while Grace was at sea), and even a documented face-to-face meeting with Queen Elizabeth I.

[click on the poster to see the image full size]

I had the opportunity to stage manage this show when it was presented at the 2011 Bill and Peggy Hunt Playwrights’ Festival, and would gladly pay to see it again. The script is a fine retelling of the epic tale of Grace O’Malley, a 16th Century Irish queen who rebelled against the English by, among other things, piracy. As young playwright Ashley Schalow writes about the script, the story she is telling is a personal one, with Grace O’Malley explaining what brought her to the point of rebellion, and the price she paid for it. It’s a moving script, and Anna Richardson does a superb job of making such an extraordinary woman both human and formidable.

So mark the date on our calendars. Note the differing times for Friday and Saturday nights. Friday’s show will be at 8 PM, and the Saturday show will be an hour earlier, at 7 PM. The show is roughly two hours long. Since these performances are being given to raise funds for BLT’s upcoming season, they will be presented on a “pay what you want” basis. Donations will also be accepted.

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